No Bees = No Food

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Take positive action to make a difference to the bee crisis and crop pollination.

When you adopt a hive, donate to the Young Apiarist Program or buy our honey, you will be:

Together, OUR FOCUS is to:

Doing something positive to make a difference to the bee crisis and crop pollination.
Helping a Young Apiarist learn beekeeping skills and support the future of this vital industry.
Protecting local bees by contributing to safe sanctuaries where they can live, feed and produce healthy hives and honey.
Supporting the use of traditional/old style, natural beekeeping methods.
Enjoying the flavour and health benefits of pure chemical-free, unadulterated honey.
Assisting the training of new beekeepers and establishment of more Bee Sanctuaries around Australia.
Helping the most important insect on our planet – No bees, no food!
If we do nothing, the future of our food crops may be severely impacted, meaning our own diets will be changed dramatically if we lose our honey bees.

What’s in it for you?

For a once only “hive establishment” investment starting at $250 you will be rewarded with up to 8 kg of pure, 100% raw honey from the hive, during the honey harvest.

You will receive a further 8 kg of delicious honey when you renew your annual hive maintenance subscription of $180 (inc GST), due on your Adoption Anniversary date.
You get to Crown your Queen by naming her!
You enjoy your honey without getting “sticky fingers” because we harvest and maintain the hive for you.
During the honey season you will be invited to attend our Field Tasting Days. You will taste honey from various locations, meet with the Apiarist and her team of helpers, giving you an up-close-and-personal experience.
You will receive a Certificate of Adoption as confirmation of your ownership.
We guarantee that your hive will be located on an Certified Organic, Biodynamic or clean farm. All are free from chemicals, pesticides and insecticides so you know your bees are safe and healthy.

About the Program

Adopt a Beehive has initiated a program for keeping bees embracing the old style approach … every aspect of our beekeeping is done by hand.

We pride ourselves in natural selection of queens, no artificial feeding with bee cake (we leave sufficient honey in our hives to keep our bees well fed and healthy) and we use hand spun cold extraction of honey and no heat treatment, so the honey is unadulterated and as pure as can be.

Bee Sanctuaries

Currently, we have bee sanctuaries located around South East Queensland, with more sanctuaries to be established in the coming spring. Our sanctuaries host between 4-10 bee hives per location.

To fit our criteria as a host farm, we stipulate the farm has to be organic or biodynamic and have sufficient flower coverage throughout the year to ensure the bees do not starve. Our hives stay permanently at the allocated sanctuary. This minimises stress on the hive.

The Beekeeper

Apiarists (beekeeper) Jason & Natasha, are the owners of Adopt a Beehive. Jason & Natasha have been been beekeeping since 2013, they have both observed the incredible changes and improvements in both pollination of the fruit trees and increased vegetable production in the Market Garden.

Jason & Natasha are confident the large populations in their very healthy bee colonies are the result of bees foraging on the organic pastures, vegetables and fruit trees. This wide diversity of plant food ensures a plentiful supply of nectar and pollen (protein) throughout the year, as a safeguard, protecting the bees’ survival. The bee sanctuaries also thrive in similar conditions.

Corporate Adoptions

Many businesses and organisations are now focused on ethical, green and sustainable aspects of their business. What an innovative way to have your own bee sanctuary and corporate honey gifts. Contact us for more details.

We invite you to browse through our Gallery to take a peek into our hives – and enjoy the beauty of the bees!