Bee Preservationists

Australian Native & European Honey Bees

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Creating bee sanctuaries that are clean and contamination free.

The Roebig Family

is to:

Together, OUR FOCUS is to:


Create bee sanctuaries for both native and honey bees.


Increase bee populations.


Improve market garden and small crop production through increased pollination (organic and biodynamic farms and properties).


Help farmers and urban farmers to increase their plant diversity and grow more bee attracting plants.


Encourage the use of organic gardening products and practices to provide healthy bee habitat.


Provide training programmes for new and young beekeepers.

Jason & Natasha Roebig

Jason & Natasha resumed the Adopt a Beehive program in 2022 from Paula who originally set it up as a response to global concerns regarding the decline of pollinator populations, and to ensure increased pollination rates for our organic food crops.

With Jason and Natasha having been beekeepers for many years, they too observed that clean farms with bee hives have higher pollination of crops and better seed setting with stronger crop yields.

The Roebigs will now continue Paula’s work and establish further bee sanctuaries that are clean, free from contamination of toxic products that kill bees and other beneficial insects.

Roebig Family Bee Preservationists