Solving the plight of the Bee….

There are many positive actions we can all take to help restore the world’s bee population. We are making it easier by doing the hard work for you – while you reap the rewards!

Roebig Family with beehive
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Support Young Apiarists

You help a young apiarist learn beekeeping skills, supporting the future of the industry.

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Bee Rewarded

Your investment earns you delicious 100% raw honey direct from your hive.

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Crown Your Queen

You will be bestowed the honour of crowning and naming your beehive Queen.

Why Adopt a Beehive?

Bee Workshops

The Bee Plight Explained

Welcome to Adopt a Beehive and thank you for taking the time to enter into the world of bees upon which we all depend.

Through this website we hope to convey the seriousness of the global bee issue and present to you an opportunity where we can assist you to be a part of the solution.

You can help make a difference to the bee plight and crop pollination by “Adopting a Beehive” today. We make it easy by doing the hard work for you while you reap the rewards!

Get ready to…


Enjoy the flavour + health benefits of pure raw, multiple award wining unadulterated honey

Help a Young Apiarist learn beekeeping skills and support the future of this vital industry
Protect local bees by contributing to safe sanctuaries where they can live, feed and produce

…simply by adopting a beehive


Adopt a Beehive

Enjoy the flavour and health benefits of pure, chemical-free honey while giving bees a safe sanctuary to live, feed and produce!