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A Global Bee Crisis

A global bee crisis ...

Worldwide, the global bee population is in serious decline. This phenomenon is known as CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), with an increasing number of bee hives collapsing and many bee species becoming extinct or threatened.

If this disturbing trend continues, it could lead to a global food crisis due to the vital pollination role that bees play. Honeybees are responsible for pollinating around 80% of fruit and vegetable crops so this threat is not only affecting bee populations, but also critically impacting our farmers and food supply.

Bee fruit tree blossom

Scientists and concerned beekeepers around the world are finding more evidence of the contributing causes of this serious situation. Studies and research now suggest that there are multiple factors affecting the demise of our precious honeybees including chemicals such as Neonicotinoids used in agricultural crops; use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides; beekeepers using  antibiotics in the hive; genetically modified crops; pests and diseases; electro magnetic radiation; Microwave interference; monoculture farming practices; artificial feeding; malnutrition and the list goes on. 

Learn more about the causes and impact in the latest Global Bee News and find out How You Can Help.


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