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How you can help

How you can help....

There are many positive actions you can take to help:

  • Avoid the use of toxic chemicals (including pesticides, herbicides and fungicides) in your garden. Use certified organic garden products and natural pest strategies instead – they are safer, more economical and environmentally friendly.
  • Grow a bee-attracting garden with plants rich in nectar and pollen that bees love to feed on to encourage them to pollinate your food crops.
  •  Provide fresh water in a small bowl for bees to access.
  • Buy local honey to support small beekeepers maintain hives and biodiversity.
  • honeybee pink sm wmSwap your lawn for a food garden or natural bee habitat. Flowers, herbs and vegetables provide a rich source of food for bees.
  • Buy organic fresh produce to support organic farmers and avoid genetically modified crops.
  • Start keeping bees at home – both urban and rural environments need bees.
  • Refer a friend who adopts a beehive – get a free 650ml jar of honey as a thank you.  
  • Spread the word and help raise awareness. Help educate others by sharing our website with others.
  • Gift a beehive to a business, friend, family, work colleague, or as a wedding present.
  • Host a film screening of a film about bees – see our Resources page.
  • Visit “Adopt a Crop to find out about some of the food sources affected by the bee crisis and how you can help.
  • Stay informed by subscribing to our free seasonal newsletter.

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